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About CRW

  • Conflict Resolution Works is a Training, Coaching and Consulting Firm.
  • We provide a range of Conflict resolution and interpersonal skills programs that are invaluable for developing awareness skills, and confidence which Managers; Teams; and individuals need to build better relationships.
  • Our training Workshops, Seminars , audio and video materials are carefully packaged as key skills for classifying a wide range of thought and Literature in contributing to the developing field of Conflict Resolution and also in the fields of Organizational Management, Leadership and Emotional intelligence.

Our Training Course

"The Black Belt Manager"- a business management and Leadership Program, is drawn from fields as diverse as Neuro-Psychology; Kaizen Management; Critical thinking; Law; Emotional Intelligence; Leadership; Conflict resolution; Martial arts; and from Modules from Conflict Resolution Network, CRN, Chatswood, Australia, which are authorised inclusions in our courses.

How we work with you

  • Identify the issues – we meet with those involved usually individually. This brings to the surface the underlying issues and needs, builds rapport and gains commitment to the process
  • Address the issue – this stage is likely to involve facilitated meetings between those involved. This could be a meeting of all the parties or smaller meetings between certain individuals to clear communication and address specific issues. How this occurs will evolve as a result of stage one (1).
  • Design the future – this stage involves the participants together designing and agreeing on how they will communicate and deal with similar dynamics in the future.
  • Follow up – To evaluate the process, affirm changes and fine tune if needed. Further needs such as individual coaching and skills development may be identified.

Our Programs Are

  • Preparing to address a specific issue with another person or a team building self-awareness.
  • Developing and practicing skills to enable you take control and ensure that you have authentic and conscious conversations.
  • Conflict Coaching Sessions
  • Emotional Intelligence in Organizational Management and Leadership Coaching Sessions
  • Mediation skills session
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict counselling

CEO & Co-Founder

William Sylvanus Ogisi is Certified in Conflict and Alternative Dispute Resolution by Conflict Resolution Network CRN, Chatswood Australia.

He is a Barrister and Solicitor of the supreme court of Nigeria And the President and Director of Programs: Conflict Resolution Works CRWWILLIAMS OGISI CONSULTING.

He routinely carries out training workshops in Organizational Management; Conflict Resolution skills for Leadership and relationship management; Emotional intelligence skills training training for Corporate Organizations, School students and the larger community.

He is a 4th Degree Karate Black Belt and also teaches a class on Conflict Resolving Martial Arts at the FCS Martial Arts and Leadership Academy.

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Barrister and Solicitor

  • Karate Black Belt

  • Conflict Resolving Martial Arts

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